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Liam Noel Oasis訪談

好久沒看Liam的消息了,看了一篇他最近的一篇訪談,內容提到了他的新樂隊「Beady Eye」、還有Pretty Green新店開幕的消息、他參與製作的電影和綠洲到底會不會重組等事情…

Liam果然做任何事情都有超級無比的自信阿! 可是居然斬釘截鐵的宣布Oasis永遠不可能重組… 這是叫我們歌迷情何以堪阿阿阿!!!



Liam Gallagher Says There Will Be No Oasis Reunion

Liam Gallagher has told Sky News his new band’s album will be the “the best record you’ll hear for the next 50 years". The former Oasis star made the bold claim at the launch of the first store dedicated to his best-selling clothing range Pretty Green, in London’s famous fashion-mecca Carnaby Street.
Liam對Sky News說,他的新樂隊專輯將會是接下來50年內你所聽過最棒的一張! 綠洲的明星主唱在位於倫敦知名的時尚街中,他第一間自創品牌的店開幕時,做出了這樣自信的宣言。

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Liam: Oasis Will Not Split

OH brother – Liam Gallagher is going to continue with Oasis despite Noel binning the band for good.

The mad fer it Manc wants to Roll With It and keep the music alive as he holds the rights to the super band.

This week Liam said he wouldn’t talk to his brother until January – because he thinks Noel will need that long to cool off.
Liam提到未來會繼續待在Oasis陣中,希望能繼續"Roll With It",並讓樂團能成為當然的偉大樂隊,讓音樂能活在人們心中。這星期Liam曾說在明年一月之前將不會和Noel談話 — 是因為他覺得Noel需要更長的時間來冷靜下來。

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Noel’s ‘Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere’


Dearly beloved, it is with a heavy heart and a sad face that I say this to you this morning.

As of last Friday the 28th August, I have been forced to leave the Manchester rock’n’roll pop group Oasis.

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We won’t be hearing anything new from Oasis for a long time, five years, maybe even more.

If the English group is ready to start a stand-by cycle caused by attrition it’s impossible to think that the sharpest tongue of rock will stop.

Inside the glass windows of an office in Murrayfield, Scotland’s rugby’s ground. The 42 years old looks at the grassland filling up with 55,000 fans. Noel gives a paternalistic glance at the stage where The Enemy are playing, the band he chose himself as the opening act.
在Murrayfield辦公室的玻璃窗內,42歲的他凝望著草地上滿滿的5萬5000位歌迷。Noel瞥向正在台上表演的The Enemy,他親自挑選出來的暖場團。

Noel talks to us about his future, the group, the rock, the uselessness of political involved rock stars like Bono and Chris Martin.
Noel與我們談著他的未來,這個樂團,搖滾,與空洞的政治牽扯的搖滾明星,像是Bono和Chris Martin。

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Noel and Liam Gallagher talking about what The Stone Roses meant to them.
Noel和Liam談論The Stone Roses對他們的意義

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森克 譯。

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也聊了更多有關頭子的生活,而且記者還追問為什麼Noel你不會用電腦 XD

不用擔心! 這次我也大致翻了一下,希望能讓大家閱讀比較方便。

P.S. 我好想要買Milk這本雜誌,頭子當封面太帥了!! 有好心人能幫我訂一本嗎?


Noel Gallagher Hong Kong Interview

森克 譯。

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