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We won’t be hearing anything new from Oasis for a long time, five years, maybe even more.

If the English group is ready to start a stand-by cycle caused by attrition it’s impossible to think that the sharpest tongue of rock will stop.

Inside the glass windows of an office in Murrayfield, Scotland’s rugby’s ground. The 42 years old looks at the grassland filling up with 55,000 fans. Noel gives a paternalistic glance at the stage where The Enemy are playing, the band he chose himself as the opening act.
在Murrayfield辦公室的玻璃窗內,42歲的他凝望著草地上滿滿的5萬5000位歌迷。Noel瞥向正在台上表演的The Enemy,他親自挑選出來的暖場團。

Noel talks to us about his future, the group, the rock, the uselessness of political involved rock stars like Bono and Chris Martin.
Noel與我們談著他的未來,這個樂團,搖滾,與空洞的政治牽扯的搖滾明星,像是Bono和Chris Martin。


Will the tour’s end at Milan’s Fair in August and announce a 5-year break. Fans are scared…

“It’s just a number, I could have said ten, but Oasis aren’t going to split. It’s only that at this moment I don’t imagine what we can do more. Bigger tours? More money? I need something different to keep my interest alive.”
這只是數字而已,我也可以說是十年,Oasis絕不會解散。只是單純在現在這個時刻,我不能想像我們能做些什麼。更大型的巡迴? 更多的錢? 我需要一些不一樣的東西來讓我生活更有趣些。

Have you already planned a solo album?

“No, no, I just would love to enter in a band and just play the guitar without worrying about singing and writing songs”

How are things going between your brother?

“As usual. We can get Oasis working without being best friends, Jagger and Richards we certainly are not.”

They aren’t even brothers

“I understand people find it fascinating, but it’s boring to me. No need to lie, telling people we get on well unless we work well it’s good”

During your absence is a new Oasis going to be born?

“For what the music business is today, I don’t believe there will be a great band like us selling so many records”

What’s different?

“It’s a matter of time: we came a long before Internet, ipods, mobile phones. If we start tomorrow we will already have a website, facebook, we should give music for free. When we started, if you would come to listen to us you had to be where we were playing. When the first album came out there were no CD burners, you just had to buy it. There were the ‘pass the word’ brigade and in this way you were in contact with the audience. Nowadays someone records a gig on video and sends it to a friend in Brazil. It seems like people like shows just via the Internet”
主要是跟時間有關: 我們出現的時間比網路、iPod、手機更早。如果我們樂團是從明天開始出發,那我們將會有個網站、臉書,而且我們應該釋出些免費的音樂。但當從前我們剛開始時,假如你想過來聽我們的音樂,你必須到我們現場表演的地方。那時第一張專輯發行時還沒有CD燒錄機,你就只能買唱片。那裏就是一座橋樑,在這條路上你可以和聽眾搭起聯繫。但時至今日,有些人在演唱會上錄影,寄送給在巴西的朋友。這就好像大家只透過網路喜歡上這場表演,這不真實。

Why do people come to see you?

“We just go on stage and we play. I have been to numerous stadium gigs. Everyone is talking about politics and nobody plays. But people are there for the music. At a U2 show or a Coldplay one there’s always a message about indigent people or people starving. OK, but can’t we just have a nice evening? Are we obliged to feel guilty? Let’s think to auto motive stages, to second stages for acoustic sets… this doesn’t make sense.
我們只站在那舞台上並且彈唱。我曾到過許多的演唱場地。每個人都在談論政治,沒有人在管演唱會的事。但是奇怪的是大家到那邊卻是為了音樂而去的。在U2或Coldplay的演唱上,他們常常丟給大家一個訊息 – 有關貧窮或飢餓的人們。ok,但是我們不能很單純的擁有一個美好的夜晚嗎? 難道我們一定要強迫自己懷著罪惡感? 我們想想看從主舞台到不插電舞台… 根本感受不到任何東西。

Would you prefer to be playing in clubs, but many people would remain outside?

We are not like U2 where everything becomes a device mechanism. I’m not saying that there career depends on a spectacular stage, it’s just not what we do”

How is your relation with technology?

“If I were 15 years old I would be on Facebook. But I don’t even own a computer and it takes me an hour to send an email. Let’s analyze these things with two points of view. Internet is bad because people stop interacting. Taking everything to the utmost, we will have no need to go in a shop, in a bank, to the police, we will not have any contact with humans are they our relatives you detest or not. But there is also a good side: with people connected, there can’t be another holocaust, like we see today in Iran”
如果我才15歲,我會泡在臉書上,但實際上我甚至沒有自己的電腦,我寄封e-mail要花我整整一個小時! 能從兩個觀點來分析這些事。網路很糟糕的地方是讓人們停止了互動。在網路上能做每一件事,我們不需要去商店、銀行和警察局,我們的未來人與人之間沒辦法連繫,可能是你的親戚或者是你贈恨的人之類的。但是網路也是有它好的一面: 人們只要連接上網路,就像我們今天能看到伊朗的大屠殺事件。

Have you ever thought you passed the limit on what you were doing?

“You can’t say this until you look behind. And now I can’t see that between Knebworth 1996 (250,000 ticket sold for two concerts) and the end of the be Here Now tour we were too much on drugs and we were thinking very little about the music. But I don’t regret having done it.”
直到你做過了那些事了,你才能談這些。我現在已經沒辦法知道在1996年Knebworth(兩場演唱售出25萬張票)到Be Here Now結束這段時間我們幹了什麼事。我們沉醉在藥物上,我想…在音樂上我們只碰了一下而已。但是我不後悔我幹了這些事。

You don’t regret that you quit?

“I look at Chris Martin that says he never took any drug in his life and I think he’s an idiot. Taking drugs is the most beautiful thing of being in a rock band. Until 1998 I spent about 1 million pounds, then I quit because is bad for health, for brain, for life, for people around you. But while you are using it, except for the heroin that kills people and that I never tried, you say ‘mamma mia’.”
之前我看到Chris Martin說他從沒嗑過藥,我想他真的是白痴。嗑藥在搖滾樂團中是最美好的事! 直到1998年的時候我花了大約一百萬英鎊,接著我戒了毒… 因為它對健康、對大腦、對生活、對你週遭的人都很糟糕。除了會扼殺人們的海洛因我從沒嘗試過之外,但是當你用其他藥物的時候,你會說"mamma mia"!

During 90’s you were the cool Britain icons, the new labour phase. Blair invited you in Downing Street. An era finished?

“I grew up with labour at the opposition. I was listening to their discourses about school and minimum salaries and thinking they were right. Then the entered the government and wow, I knew them. We discovered they are like everyone else, it has been like getting to know that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. I will never vote again, nothing is gonna change anyway”.
我成長在工人階級還是在野黨的年代,我聽著他們闡述有關學校和最低工資的事情,而那時我想他們是對的。而當他們成功進駐政府,哇哦,我認識他們! 但現在我們發現他們就和一般人一樣,我也才知道聖誕老人根本不存在。我再也不會投票了,沒有任何事情會改變。

森克 譯
Thanks to Tinny at for the translation of the interview from Corriere Della Sera.
註: 臉書 = facebook,故意硬翻的。


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