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  最近看到一個蠻好笑的,貼過來讓大家看看。新聞內容是在講Liam最喜歡的Lennon作品《Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)》,後面扯到他自己吹噓他寫的歌《Little James》,還蠻白吃的 XD


The January issue of UNCUT is on sale now, featuring an all-star panel of musicians selecting their favourite song by the late Beatle John Lennon.

30: Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), from the John Lennon & Yoko Ono album, Double Fantasy (November 1980)
《Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)》來自John Lennon & Yoko Ono的專輯《Double Fantasy》

Written for son Sean, then aged five, and partially inspired by the writings of French psychologist Emile Coue, “Beautiful Boy" sees Lennon extolling the simple joy of fatherhood.

Liam Gallagher, Oasis
孩子王, 綠洲 / 以下為訪問內容

“Little James was inspired by “Beautiful Boy" and “Hey Jude". More “Beautiful Boy".
《Little James》是來自於"Beautiful Boy" 和 “Hey Jude"兩首歌的靈感,但前者佔的份量比較大。

People who’ve got any soul will realise that there’s a day when you go home and put your feet up and cuddle your kids. If anyone slags it off, they’ve either got no heart or they don’t know what the meaning of life is.

They just go out and do-do-do-do-do the same thing everyday. So f**K them. You can’t win with these people.
那些人就只是每天做同樣的鳥事。所以管他們去死吧! 你不用想說服他們什麼。

They’re going, “You’re the wild man of rock, you’re this, you don’t f**king care," and when you do show a bit of caring, they call you a poof…

Originally, I wanted it to be acoustic. Have you heard Lennon’s demos? They’re dead crackly, and it’s just on the guitar, and that’s the way I’d like to write music. But if it’s gonna be on an Oasis album, it’s gotta be big, hasn’t it?
原本我是希望把《Little James》作成像是《acoustic》。你有聽過藍儂的demo嗎? 就像這樣的俐落,而且它只有吉他的伴奏,這就是我喜歡的寫歌方式。但是如果把它放在Oasis專輯裡頭,它一定要更好才對吧?

So then I played it to Noel, he went away with the band and he goes: “What do you think of this?"
所以當我彈奏這首曲子給Noel聽的時候,它停下樂隊然後說: “你覺得這首歌怎樣?"

I went: It’s f**king top."
我說: 這他媽太屌了!

Source: Uncut Magazine, Sam.K譯

  純推最後一句… 孩子王真的沒救了 XD 另外,我還蠻懷疑他到底會關心什麼事情? 是每天照鏡子的時候,關心自己是不是更像藍儂嗎? 還是關心SpongeBob開始播了沒? Orz…

  好啦~ 開玩笑的! 不過,小詹姆士真的很好聽哦! 雖然它隱身在巨人肩膀專輯裡面,可是聽久了你就會發現它的好 🙂

《Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)》音樂試聽:




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