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  我也不希望他們用這種方式銷售,雖然這個創舉很cool,但是Oasis根本不需要學別人 ~ 另外,又提到新專輯了 ! 好.期.待.阿 !!! 不過頭子提到「over-tweaking」這是什麼意思呀 ? 錄音室裡面一些調音的事嗎 ?


Oasis: ‘We’ll never do a Radiohead’

Liam Gallagher: album would be free ‘over my dead body’

Oasis have quashed rumours that they were planning to release their next album with Radiohead-style pricing, with fans choosing how much to pay for the release.

Frontman Liam Gallagher said he would never let an Oasis album be given away for free. Specifically, he said he would allow it to happen “over my dead body".
主唱Liam Gallagher說:他絕對不會讓綠洲的專輯免費的販售。他特別說到:他不會讓這事發生,除非踏過我的屍體!

Gallagher went on to talk about how Oasis’ new album sessions in north London’s Abbey Road studios were going.
蓋勒格兄弟在倫敦的Abbey Road錄音室討論他們未來新專輯的發展。

“There’s lots of cool parts," he told Reuters. “Really, we’re throwing everything at it.

“Hopefully our kid’s [Noel Gallagher] learned his lesson [about over-tweaking things in the studio]. It shouldn’t be hard making music. We’ve been doing it long enough."
但願our kid有學到一些東西,頭子說。做音樂不應該是很困難費力的。我們已經幹這行很久了。

The follow-up to 2005’s ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ is expected sometime in 2008.
在上一張2005專輯 ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’之後,預計在2008發表新專輯。


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  1. 綠洲 電台司令 神韻 等 大家都是英國的好哥兒們


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